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Real estate investments

Dr. Simon Tibor

Our law firm undertakes the legal support of real estate investments, including all-round legal consultation and representation, legal screening of the investors’ business opportunities in terms of real estate investment cases, preparation of contracts, and legal commissions regarding the management of residential properties.

Our firm also gladly undertakes the foundation of project companies relating to real estate investments, and all-round legal support of such companies.


Dr. Simon Tibor
Company law

Our law firm undertakes the drafting of establishing documents for firms, foundations, associations and NGOs, foreigners’ Hungarian branch offices and direct commercial presence, formulation of articles of association, deed of foundation and articles of incorporation, drafting of internal procedures and policies for economic agents, legal support of business interest or share transfer operations, providing legal advice regarding corporate transformations, and all-round company representation (labour law advice, preparation of employment contracts, and administrative authorization processes). Naturally, our legal work also incorporates the all-round representation of these cases before company registration or other types of courts.

IT law

Our law firm undertakes the all-round legal assistance of IT projects, the drafting of contracts regarding system development and implementation, drafting of “software as a service” and support contracts, consultancy regarding IT law or copyright law, and drafting of licence agreements.

Real estate law, Condo law

Our law firm undertakes the drafting of sales (or other) contracts relating to estates (lease contracts, maintenance and endowment contracts, licensing contracts), representation in land registry proceedings, providing all-round legal framework for real estate investments, condo consultancy, drafting of deed of foundation and bylaws, and the requalification of estates.

Administrative law

Our law firm undertakes the representation and arrangement of business organizations’ authorization processes in the entire sector of public administration, including legal representation. We additionally undertake the arrangement of immigration cases (administration of residence and settlement permits).

Public procurement

Our law firm undertakes legal representation during public procurement processes, consultation for tenderers and tenderees, all-round preparation of documentation materials for tenderers, and, if necessary, legal representation in public procurement cases in front of the Public Procurement Arbitration Board or court.


Dr. Simon Tibor

Our law firm has also been involved in the representation of cases that have attracted wide publicity –
reports of such cases can be viewed underneath.

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Dr. Simon Tibor


Dr. Simon Tibor

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